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"Midwife Crisis" is the second episode of Dragon ShortZ. It premiered on Christmas Day 2019 after the conclusion of DBcember.


Chi-Chi has gone into labor, and a panicked Gohan starts preparing everything for his baby brother's arrival by making some calls for help. Piccolo is the first to arrive as he wanted to see the birth for himself, but is freaked out by the appearance of Chi-Chi's vagina and the baby crowning out. He leaves as fast as he arrived after dropping off the Senzu beans, much to Gohan's annoyance. Yamcha arrives to help, but Chi-Chi screams at him to go away.

Bulma and Vegeta are the next to arrive, but the former got the wrong impression that Chi-Chi already gave birth, and sees that the latter is still in labor. Vegeta is unaware of the bodily stuff coming out of Chi-Chi, but Bulma reminds him that he was not with her when Trunks was born. Eventually, Chi-Chi successfully pushes out her second son, but a Kamehameha sends him flying out of the house. Fortunately, baby Goten is okay and, as the family coos over him, Gohan notices how much his baby brother looks like his late father. Meanwhile, Goku watches his family in Other World, and remarks the same thing Gohan said.

Running Gags/Callbacks[]

  • Piccolo said that he heard human babies do not come out of eggs. He found out the hard way during Cell-Out when Cell created the Cell Juniors.
  • Once again, God's name is said in vain as Piccolo says "Super Kami Dende". The name itself is a reference to Deities, Devils, and Doing the Dirty when Dende demanded to be called that.
  • Gohan reminds Piccolo about him being killed by Nappa in The Set Up.
  • Bulma calls Vegeta "a bad father and a terrible partner", something that Nappa said in the previous episode. Vegeta even asks why people call him that.

Cultural References[]



  • The title is a pun on "midlife crisis".
  • Goten's birth date is Christmas Day, which wasn't shown in the original Dragon Ball Z series.
  • Despite Goku having one line, MasakoX isn't credited as him. Likewise, Faulerro isn't credited for voicing Yamcha.
  • After the episode's release, KaiserNeko revealed a few things on Twitter:
    • It was originally planned to be the third episode and would not be Christmas-themed.
    • There would have been a line explaining the Ox-King's absence, revealing he was out of town on a bear cruise. This, along with a short scene, would be shown months later as Episode 2.5.
  • Goten is stated to have been born with full head like his father (via Bardock and Gine), althought the scenes of newborn Goten in full head only appear in the 11th Dragon Ball Z movie, Bio-Broly, and Baby Goten wasn't shown in the manga, this might be an error as Trunks has little hair as a baby.