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The Misfit Minions are Turles's fighters. They were all worked for Santa, until they did horrible things to get sent to the Land of Misfit Minions. They were all killed by Goku for comparing wasting their friends to figgy pudding.


Slay is a former mall Santa. He was asked by a kid for a firetruck, so he dropped one on his house (which is the reason he was banished to the Land of Misfit Minions). Another reason might be that a child asked him to cure his cancer and he decided to blow him up. "No more cancer!" Slay fought against Krillin during the battle to save Christmas.


  • When Krillin calls him the worst mall Santa, right behind those ones that molest kids, Slay replies "So I'm the worst mall Santa?"

The Jinga Beru Brothers[]

Jinga and Beru are twins that are both really short. They fought and defeated Tien and Chiaotzu. They were both elves for Santa until they created S.N.O.W. Man., who went on a murderous rampage and caused them all to be banished to the Land of Misfit Minions.


  • They thought Chiaotzu was an elf.
  • Tien hates them for being weeaboos.

S.N.O.W. Man[]

S.N.O.W. Man. (Sentient Non-Organic Work Manager) is a cyborg created by the Jinga Beru brothers that went on a murderous rampage, which is the reason he was sent to the Land of Misfit Minions. He battled Yamcha and defeated him.


  • As he beat up Yamcha, he played a parody of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" called "Yamcha the Scar-Faced Bandit," a song dedicated to how useless he is.


The most disturbing and unsettling of the Misfit Minions. It is unknown what Reese's job was before being banished, but the reason for being sent away is that he raped Rudolph. We also do not know which Z-Fighter he was battling (it is unlikely that anyone fought, given how the reason he was banished creeped out the Z-Fighters).


  • Tien called dibs on not fighting Reese.