Guru, the Namekian who restored planet Namek.

Namekians are a green alien species featured in Dragon Ball Z consisting entirely of males. Hailing from the planet Namek, their general appearance consists of green skin, pointy ears, and antenna with a lack of any hair. As youths, their muscles often feature patches of pink musculature, which turns yellow as they grow older. They are referred to by many as "Slug people".

There are warrior Namekians and healer Namekians. Very rarely, a Super Namekian is born, one with exceedingly high power. In the past, there was also an Albino species of Namekians, although by present day they are extinct.

They can regenerate any injured or lost part of their body as long as their head remains. A special few can create Dragon Balls. They give birth by spitting out eggs, which hatch eventually. As a result, they lack reproductive organs of any sort. They can connect to the internet with their antennae, and can also use this ability to install apps.

In the distant past, they were wiped out by a terrible storm. However two Namekians survived, one a small child who was sent to earth to survive, the other a full grown Namekian who restored the entire race in smaller numbers.

The young Namekian, Dende.

They used to have a close relationship with their albino cousins, until the Eldest Namekian Guru ordered a genocidal strike upon them. Guru declared their genocide was due to them being the cause of the Great Drought which devastated their people, although this was merely done to hide the fact he himself had caused the drought by drinking the entire planet's water supply.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original series, the entire population of Planet Namek were the sons of Guru, as he had repopulated the entire planet after the disaster which devastated the planet. In Dragon Ball Z Abridged however, there were smaller families of Namekians with fathers and sons, based on the early 90s dub of the original series which made the same change.
  • Namekians do not eat food, with their diet consisting entirely of drinking water.
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