Nappa's Best Day Ever is the eighth episode of Team Four Star's DragonBall Z Abridged. It was first uploaded to YouTube on January 15, 2009.


The gang at Kame House watching the fight on TV and sees that Yamcha has been killed, causing Bulma to cry and admit she was saving herself for him to which Roshi replies "Bullsh*t!".

Episode 8

Nappa playing "pattycake" with 3 Piccolos and Krillins.

Back at the battlefield, an angered Krillin promises to avenge Yamcha only to be made fun of by Piccolo for being weak. He destroys 3 of the Saibamen, leaving one for Piccolo to destroy. Everyone congratulates Piccolo and ignores Krillin for killing 3 of them. Nappa steps onto the battle field and attacks Tien, removing his hand. Tien escapes, making Nappa think he wants to play tag. Chiaotzu hops onto Nappa's back and uses self-destruct. Chiaotzu's death was in vain, as Nappa has barely a scratch on him. Nappa attacks Tien and begs for help. Krillin and Piccolo join in and knock Nappa towards Gohan, who becomes too scared, because Piccolo said "attack him before he has time to DODGE" to attack and runs away. Krillin asks if Piccolo has a plan. Piccolo says that he has 2 plans; either Krillin gets him in a full nelson or they use the multi-form technique. They attack Nappa with the multi-form technique, who confuses this as a game of pattycake. He knocks all of them back into one form and claims his throne as the pattycake champion. Tien uses a final attack on Nappa, using up all his energy and dies. Nappa is still alive and charges towards Piccolo and Krillin, only to stop and realize he can fly. Krillin threatens that Goku will arrive and defeat them all, making Nappa curious to meet him and wants to put the fight on hold until Goku arrives. Vegeta gives them 3 hours. Nappa gets bored and keeps asking if he's here, they all get annoyed and Vegeta demands he goes to find something to do. Nappa goes to blow up an entire navy army and their battleships. Vegeta's timer goes off and Nappa arrives, without his armor.

In the Stinger, Vegeta asks Nappa where his armor went and Nappa replied that he had a hell of a day sinking all their battleships and their whales. It then cuts to a bloody ocean with pieces of a navy ship is seen floating and with Aquaman screaming in remorse.


Running GagsEdit

  • Krillin Owned Count 5-7: Krillin uses the multi-form technique and all three clones got knocked down to the ground by Nappa.
    • This is the first episode where Krillin gets owned more than once.
  • Nappa constantly annoys the group while waiting for Goku's arrival by asking "Is he here yet?".


  • This was the first episode to be released in 2009.
  • The scene where Vegeta wanted Nappa to kill the remaining Z-Fighters with Nappa wanting to wait for Goku is the reverse of the scene in the original series (Vegeta wanted to wait for Goku while Nappa wanted to kill the remaining Z-Fighters).
  • The multi-form technique is actually copied by the Naruto series.
    • A Subtle gag to Naruto is Nappa saying Naruto's catchphrase "Believe It".
  • When Bulma is crying about Yamcha's death and how she saved herself for him, Master Roshi says "Bullsh*t!", since Bulma breaks up with Yamcha later on in the series.
  • When Gohan doesn't answer Piccolo's command, Piccolo screams "Damn, you Pavlov!". Ivan Pavlov figured out conditioning, or the process of making a life form automatically respond to a stimulus in a certain way.
  • Interestingly, both Lanipator and KasierNeko voice the Saibamen.