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"O Captain! My Captain!" is the fourth episode of HFIL.


What the frog doin'?

Plot Summary[]

Cell, Raditz, and Super Kami Guru sit around the breakfast table while the Ginyu Force play frisbee in their backyard, before the frisbee ultimately goes through the window, lodging in Guru's neck. Cell is sent to return the frisbee to the Ginyu house, whereupon he is invited in by Burter.

Cell sees that the Ginyu house is decorated quite nicely and Burter reveals that the ogres reward good behavior, as well as informing Cell that when the Ginyus first got to HFIL, it was nothing but a campsite, and the Ginyu Force built every house in the cul-de-sac as community service. Cell then goes to the backyard to return the frisbee, but gets jumped on by Captain Ginyu... or rather, the frog in Ginyu's body. Jeice reveals to Cell that the animalistic alien jumping over him is in fact their captain and when Cell calls Ginyu "feral", Burter reveals that "something" happened on Namek. Recoome states his belief that it was a "severe psychological trauma that caused him to regress in order to cope" while Guldo states the correct belief that Ginyu body-swapped with a frog.

Meanwhile, inside Freeza's house, Freeza holds a meeting with Zarbon and Dodoria to figure out Cell's weakness. Goz and Mez show Cell the correct dumpsters to put out on each day and Cell is once again jumped on (or "topped" as Dodoria puts it) by Ginyu. Back inside Freeza's house, Dodoria suggests going after Cell's "bussy" - the hole in the tail on his back.

Cell brushes his teeth as he senses Ginyu passing behind him. He then goes to bed but just as he's going to sleep, he finds Ginyu on him. Cell angrily returns to the Ginyu house to return Ginyu, threatening to go to the ogres. Jeice begins to give a speech about how they should be good neighbors before ordering Guldo to pants Cell. Unfortunately for Guldo, Cell doesn't wear pants. Cell angrily leaves before Freeza asks him how his bussy is, confusing Cell.

In a post-credits scene, Guldo speaks about wanting to be taken more seriously. It is then revealed that he was talking to Captain Ginyu, who begins to lick him.

Running Gags and Callbacks[]

  • Just like in Cell in a Hell, the Ginyu Force only have Shasta.
  • Dodoria is a woman.
  • Interestingly, Zarbon doesn't make an innuendo, simply claiming that Cell was being assaulted by Ginyu, before Dodoria claimed that Cell was being topped by Ginyu.

Cultural references[]

  • The tagline is a reference to a Vine in which a group of men all reach for mints before a dog paw reaches in with one of the men asking "What the dog doin'?"
  • When Cell returns Captain Ginyu, Burter and Recoome are playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Cast and Crew[]


  • The cereal Raditz is eating is called "Dripping Sarcasm Snaps!". The tagline on the box is "It's sooo good!"
  • The tune that plays when Cell rings the doorbell to the Ginyu house is the "Sanjou! Ginyu Tokusentai!" theme song. This song was previously used as the theme song from 到着を恐怖!! 敬礼, ギニュー特戦隊!! until Grand Theft Goku.
  • A picture in the Ginyu house shows that Nappa and Cui also used to live in HFIL back when it was a campsite.
    • Interestingly, in the previous episode, Freeza claims that Cui didn't go to HFIL since "his biggest sin was hating Vegeta".
    • Nappa, of course, was brought back to life by the Dragon Balls in part 3 of Freeza: The Final Cut

Freeza's whiteboard detailing his plan to beat Cell

  • Freeza's whiteboard features a drawing of Cell with the heading "Plan to beat Cell". From top to bottom, left to right, the notes read:
    • Dumb (with an angry face) → Me cool (with a smile and sunglasses)
    • Stolen jeans (a homophone of genes, with a drawing of a double-helix)
    • Weakness??? (pointing at Cell's crotch)
    • RIP Cell!!!
    • Why wings?
    • Questions:
      • Does he poop?
      • Eat
      • Am I gay?
    • Green?? → Like frog
  • Guldo is revealed to be married.
  • Cell reads a parody of The Fault in our Stars titled The Fault in our Makyo Stars, a book written by Vinegar that is first mentioned in Dragon Fool Z Kai.
  • The note "Weakness???" that points to Cell's crotch is a clear reference to DragonBall Z Abridged Movie: Super Android 13.