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Other World (あの世, Anoyo), also called the Underworld, Other Side, Cosmos, Next Dimension or Netherworld, is the afterlife in the Dragon Ball Abridged series. It is where characters go when they die, and also where the higher deities of the universe reside. It also exist in other universes.

For the most part, it appears to operate in the same way as its canon counterpart. With a few notable exceptions.

Known Residents[]

The following table includes only characters who were known to be in Other World at some point during the series. Naturally, it can be assumed that any mortal in the Dragon Ball universe will eventually become a resident with being erased before inevitable death as the exception. Note: Krillin has the unenviable position of having the most number of deaths. Characters with technical matters will appear with a "*" next to their name.

Resident Cause(s) of residency
Android 13 Killed by Goku after being punched through the chest before disintegrating.
Android 14 Killed by Future Trunks after being bisected before exploding and absorbed by Android 13.
Android 15 Killed by Vegeta after being decapitated before exploding and absorbed by Android 13.
Android 16 Killed by Cell after attempting to detonate himself, failing, having his body obliterated by Cell and then being crushed beneath his foot.
Android 19 Killed by Vegeta by getting his arms ripped off and his head popped off with a Big Bang Attack from behind.
Appule Killed by Vegeta.
Bardock? Killed by Freeza?
Bio-Warriors Collectively killed by Goku.
Biomen Most were killed by Roshi.
Burter Killed by Vegeta cracking his neck.
Captain Ginyu Killed by Vegeta after he stepped on him as Frog Ginyu.
Cell Killed by Gohan via the Father-Son Kamehameha.
Cell Juniors Killed by Gohan after transforming into a Super-Duper Saiyan.
Chilled Killed by Bardock(?).
Cooler Killed by Goku.
Cooler's Armored Squadron Collectively killed by Piccolo.
Cui Killed by Vegeta by getting punched in the stomach and popped into bits after trying to flee in midair.
Dodoria Killed by Vegeta with a blast from behind when he tried to flee in midair.
Dr. Gero Killed by Android 17 by having his head kicked off and stepped on.
Dr. Wheelo Died of brain cancer off-screen.
Ichpe Killed by Bardock
Farmer With Shotgun Killed by Raditz.
Freeza Killed by Future Trunks by getting sliced into many pieces and blasted in midair.
Future Gohan Killed by Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 in the alternate timeline.
Ginyu Force Collectively killed by Vegeta.
Grandpa Gohan Inadvertently killed by Goku.
Guldo Killed by Vegeta by having his head slashed off and blasted on the ground shortly after.
Jeice Killed by Vegeta by being kicked upward, getting his stomach jabbed, and blasted directly in his face while in midair.
Katas Died during Planet Namek's cataclysm.
King Cold Killed by Future Trunks by being blasted into a mountain and blasted to death right afterward.
King Vegeta Killed by Freeza with a single punch to the face while Zarbon and Dodoria watched.
Kochin Killed by an angered Dr. Wheelo.
Lord Slug Killed by Goku.
Lord Slug's Clan Dorodabo was killed by Piccolo, Medamatcha and Anglia were killed by Goku.
Mai (Dragonball Evolution) Killed by Yamcha by being shot in the back.
Miguel Died after giving birth to Videl.
Misfit Minions Collectively killed by Goku.
Paragus Killed by Broly by being crushed in his space pod.
Pumbukin Killed by Dodoria and his men. Most likely revived but it is unknown
Raditz Killed by Piccolo with a Special Beam Cannon while Goku held him in place in order for the attack to connect.
Recoome Killed by Vegeta, who blasted him from behind while he was unconscious.
SLOWMARA Killed by a Haunter.
Selypa Killed by Dodoria and his men. Most likely revived but it is unknown
Spice Boys Collectively assimilated by Mr. Popo.
Super Kami Guru Eaten alive by Namekians
Tard Assimilated by Mr. Popo.
Three Lords Ginger and Nikki were killed by Goku, Sansho was killed by Piccolo.
Toma Killed by Dodoria and his men. Most likely revived but it is unknown
Turles Killed by Goku using the Genki Dama.
Zald Assimilated by Mr. Popo.
Zarbon Killed by Vegeta "blowing his load all over his insides".