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Pan is a Saiyan/human hybrid and a protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and in Dragon Ball GT. She is the daughter of Gohan and Videl and the granddaughter of Goku, Chi-Chi and Hercule.


In DBZ at the age of 5, Pan is a cute little girl (tomboy?) which apears cheerful, in DBGT however, she turns into a raging girl, who easily goes into mad mode

In Dragon Ball Z[]

Being the granddauther of Goku and the dauther of Gohan, Pan had great potential, she could fly around the Earth with no problem, she also had no problem beating a tall guy who told her to go home and drink breast milk. When Goku was leaving with Uub, Pan cried, but Goku promised he would come back. In the filler, Pan beat her uncle Goten, while this may be untrue, she might have beaten him becuase she got her mystic powers from her dad (althought it should be noted that the tournament was cancelled).

In DBZ Abridged[]

  • For some reason TFS seem to detest Pan due to her personality in DBGT (Despite that version of her being non canon, other than her design, which was made by Toriyama himself), MasakoX however seems to like her and specially her baby version from "Dragon Ball Super" (which technically takes place in an flashback before the events of end of Z in which Pan is an toddler, despite that fans think it would be retconed, which isn't the case), althought he fixes the personality of GT Pan in his DBGT version of Dragon Ball R&R.
    • Taking an note from Salagir (The creator of Dragon Ball Multiverse, which replaces DBGT and instead makes the series in an multiversal tournament), another Pan apears in Vegito's timeline and unlike in DBM's U16, Uub is present and said Pan calls him an Bozo. It is unknown how this Pan turns out however in MasakoX's Vegito universe version of GT
  • GT version of Pan appeared in the Bardock special along with Trunks and Goku watching the parabrothers dance. Also during one of the earliest trailers for the series, Goku demanded that Raditz return Gohan to him, to which Raditz admitted he was willing to oblige, under the condition that Goku kills 100 people within 24 hours. Goku refuses to knuckle under Raditz's demands, but Raditz reminds Goku that he will eventually have to do another series, where he will search for the dragonballs in space, to which Goku admits doesn't sound so bad... Until Raditz mentions searching for them with Pan. After an awkward pause, Goku asks him if it was just 100 people that he has to kill.
    • With that said TFS description for that youtube promo video said "No one deserves Pan"
  • Before DBZA was cancelled it was assumed that Pan will get an Gohan treatment from Goku as he wants "to train this black boy" thus leaving her (only for Gohan to calmy told her (nearly in tears) that he also left him alone for all those years)