Panchy drinking tea

Panchy, sometimes called Mrs. Briefs, is the wife of Dr. Briefs, the mother of Bulma, and the grandmother of Trunks. She is a housewife with a warm, friendly and welcoming personality, always offering tea to visitors. She is completely subservient to her husband, and never questions him.

Trivia Edit

  • Panchy is a rare example of the character being virtually unchanged between the original and Abridged versions of the series, although her low intellect is somewhat more focused on.
  • In episode 14, she tells Goku she goes by the nickname "MILF", which she claims everybody refers to her as. She mentions she has no idea what the term actually means, unaware of its sexual meaning.
    • After the birth of her grandson, she began going by "GILF" Given the change, she is likely aware of its meaning by this point in time.
  • As mentioned by Bulma, she never ages. She claims this is due to the fact her husband does not allow her to.
    • It is later revealed that Dr. Briefs grows clones of her in his lab, implying she is frequently replaced by clones of herself at a set age. Many of these premature clones end up devoured by an oblivious Yajirobe after he visits Capsule Corp, which infuriates Dr. Briefs.
    • This is largely a joke over the fact Bulma's parents never aged throughout the entirity of the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • She was against the idea of her husband planting explosive devices in her children, in a rare moment of defiance against him.