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Pip Bernadott is a character from Hellsing Abridged.


Pip comes from French family of mercenaries, as far back as his grandfather. Raised by his grandfather in the French countryside, Pip was teased at school for his grandfather's profession. When telling his grandfather about how he was teased about it, he was encouraged to place a flashbang grenade in a kid's lunchbox to scare him. Years later, Pip would carry on the family tradition and found his own mercenary group The Wild Geese. During their missions, it brought them to the Middle East, where they wither started or ended conflicts.

Following the Valentine Brothers attack on Hellsing, Pip and the Wild Geese were contracted to replace the soldiere they lost. After learning that his main targets were vampires, Pip was surprised by Alucard, who phased though a wall into the debriefing. When Alucard weny on vacation to Rio, Pip was brought along with Seras to guard him. Pip attempted to befriend Alucard, but was brushed off. Learning of an attack on Alucard and Seras, Pip blended in witj the police and killed the corrupt ones working with the Dandy Man.

To be continued..


Pip is a mercenary who always takes his job seriously. However, he is open to making friends with his employers. Pip tends to speak in innuendoes.