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Remix, of WeeklyTubeShow, the new voice of Kami, having replaced Vegeta3986 as of Episode 24. He first became known through his own parodies of Dragon Ball Z, entitled DragonDub Z, as well as his own abridged series Dub of the North Star.

New voice of Kami[]

In the earlier DBZA episodes, Vegeta3986 depicts Kami as being extremely old and somewhat bewildered, with a wheezy voice. This is similar to the voice he uses for the Hokage in Naruto: Abridged.

In contrast, when he was given the role, Remix decided to use a somewhat gruffer voice. He has also altered the character of Kami: though he still comes across as an elder statesman, he is much sharper and authoritative. This is seen in his conversations with Mr. Popo, King Kai and Piccolo.

Other TFS involvement[]

In addition to voicing Kami, Remix also provides the voice of Chayote in Cold Cuts. So far, he also voices Android 16, which sounds the same from his Dr*gonDubz, the only difference being is him possessing a robotic effect to his voice; as well as being the voice of Broly in said character's movie and Kenshiro.


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