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Saiyans are a humanoid alien species who conquered planets for their leader, Lord Freeza, who sold them to others. They were eventually destroyed by Freeza, as he feared that he would one day be overthrown by the "Super Saiyan of Legend".

Saiyans are similar to humans in appearance and height, save for the fact that they have monkey-like tails. Other recurring traits within their species include their black hair and similar facial features, their strong desire for battle and challenge, their insatiable appetites for food, their unchanging hairstyles from birth (save for facial hair) and their selfish, incorrigible attitudes. Saiyan biology allows them to breed with other species, with the resulting hybrids able to repress many of these traits to some degree.

Due to the destruction of their home planet and genocide by Freeza, there are very few full-blooded Saiyans left alive, with these numbers continuing to decrease as a result of frequent conflicts.

They're not very good with pets, as Raditz and Nappa have shown; the latter killing a giant Arlian by accident, and the former not being allowed to keep Appule by his father Bardock.


Zenkai Boost/Saiya Power[]

A genetic trait among the Saiyans, this is a natural power-up that is given to them in times of crisis (mostly near-death experiences from battles). This only happens if a Saiyan heals up.


Great Ape: Every Saiyan has the ability to transform into a Giant Ape monster whenever they look at a full moon or a Power Ball. With this transformation, a Saiyan's power is increased 10x its base power. Saiyans tend to lose all rationality when in this form, but if properly trained, they can battle as normal. However, the transformation has two flaws. A Saiyan can turn back into a human if the Moon/Power Ball is destroyed, or if the Saiyan's tail is cut off.

Super Saiyan: A rare but powerful transformation. The Super Saiyan form can increase a Saiyan's power by 50x its base power and changes their appearance (one key difference being golden hair that sticks up and teal eyes). There are different versions that are stronger than the last.

Known Saiyans:[]

Full-Blooded Saiyans[]

Saiyan Hybrids[]

Human-Saiyan Hybrids[]

Tuffle-Saiyan Hybrids[]

  • Baby (when fused with Trunks, Vegeta or Ranch)

Characters with Saiyan Cells[]