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"Sharing Circles of Hell" is the second episode of HFIL.


Cell finds himself in a fresh new Hell, but finds a shot at redemption?

Plot Summary[]

Cell is attempting to cut his own leg off using garden shears to free himself of his Inhibitor anklet, only to be met with failure as his soul is indestructible. He and Raditz then go to a sharing circle with the other residents of HFIL where Goz and Mez make everyone recount how they died. Cell openly mocks Raditz for being killed by Piccolo, then mocks Dodoria, Zarbon, Guldo, Burter, Recoome, and Jeice for all being killed by Vegeta. Freeza begins to go into a long speech about how he died, but is cut short by Goz and Mez, admitting he was killed by "The Super Saiyan." When Cell recounts his life and death, everyone laughs at his seemingly laughable and "unoriginal" story of being an android from the future made of DNA from "the best fighters in the galaxy". Frieza continues to taunt Cell's death by Gohan, a child, leading Cell to try to reveal that Frieza himself was killed by the son of Vegeta, his most hated enemy, only for the both of them to get knocked out by Goz and Mez. Sensing hostilities, the ogres declare the next day would feature a game of dodgeball in order to work out the hostilities.

Running Gags and Callbacks[]

  • Super Kami Guru's genocide of the Albino Namekians is referenced.
  • Raditz mentions breaking the soul-scrubbing machine and breaking free of King Yemma's "Yemma Lock" by kicking him in the crotch.
  • Guldo is disrespected by all of his peers, including those he considers "friends".
  • Zarbon is revealed to now be aware of his unintentional propensity for homosexual metaphors and slang, which he is attempting to stop doing, with little success.
  • As once revealed by Guldo, Burter openly admits that he's gay.
  • Recoome's "The name's Recoome! It rhymes with doom!" speech is altered to now include "And Vegeta's the one who put me in my tomb!"

Cultural References[]

  • The title, "Sharing Circles of Hell", is a reference to the Nine Circles of Hell from Dante's Divine Comedy. Specifically, the first part, Inferno.

Cast and Crew[]


  • When Cell mentions that his father was a brilliant scientist, Raditz reacts. This is a reference to the Saban Dub where Vegeta explains to Goku that his father created the Power Ball technique. This same reference was previously mentioned in Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movie: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • Each HFIL resident killed by Vegeta mentions his name in the order they were killed during the Namek saga, beginning with Dodoria and ending with Jeice.
  • Raditz is not wearing the scouter he wore in the previous episode, though Jeice, Recoome, and Burter are still wearing theirs.