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Sorrel (ソレル Soreru) is a warrior from Universe 9 and a member of Team Universe 9.


Sorrel is a white furred anthropomorphic female rabbit. She has red eyes, seemingly short height and it's unknown if she's still in her young years. She wears a large orange cap that has a long, yellow stripe going down the middle, red scarf, ripped shirt, brown gloves, and green shorts.


In Canon[]

She seems to be quite easygoing, as she jokingly responds she was defeated when Sidra, who did not watch her being defeated, asks who else was ringed out. However, she was shocked when all her teammates were eliminated and while she was about to be erased from existence.


Sorrel is a friendly and calm character who is always polite and hospitable to others. Due to her home planet(s) having been destroyed so many times, she takes the destruction and chaos lightly. Having experienced apocalyptic scenarios so many times, she has become indifferent to the thought of mortal danger and does not seem to mind the idea of being captured, tortured or destroyed, as seen when Roh threatened her. Because of this, she comes off as very easy-going.


She appears to be far weaker than Android 18, who was shown to have taken no damage after her battle with Sorrel.

Techniques and Abilities[]

Sorrel has not displayed any technique or ability.