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Space Australia is the home planet of Jeice, and is best described by a brief dialog between him and Krillin. It was first mentioned when Burter won an all-expenses-paid visit there due to a spin on the Wheel of Death, and from its brief descriptions, is presumably a near-exact replica of Australia, only on a planetary scale, in space, and with the word "space" beginning the names of almost everything from the planet.


"Warning for all who visit Space Australia: Don't let them Space Dingos eat your Space Babies."

Jeice lived in Space-Brisbane (in a flat on at least the sixth floor based on a conversation with Burter involving a piano) until he joined the Ginyu Force. Jeice's deceased sister was killed by a space dingo.


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  • This is now somewhat canon in the Dragon Ball universe, because of one of the lines by PC Voice 8 (Ghost Nappa) in Dragon Ball Xenoverse (for, fittingly, Jeice's Crusher Ball).
  • There appears to be a Space New Zealand, possibly located near Space Australia, maybe even as a moon, with sour relations with Space Australia, as Jeice was insulted when Krillin called him a "Space New Zealand guy."
  • Space Australia may or may not be nearby or otherwise related to Space France.