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Space Australians are a humanoid alien species that are, quite literally, Australians in space (mate), hailing from Space Australia. Space Frenchmen appear to related to this race in some way, possibly a part of it, and it is unknown if Space New Zealanders are too, although Space Australians appear to have a sour relation with Space New Zealanders. The society of Space Australians appears to be a replica of the society of modern-day Australia on Earth, but under Freeza's rule, and with the word "space" coming before almost everything from the planet.

General Characteristics[]

Based on Jeice, Space Australians are human-like, but are short, red-skinned, and have long white hair, although it is unknown if Jeice's appearance is reflective of the species. Based on the appearance of Sauza, they can also have different heights, skin tones, and hair lengths/colors, although their skin does not get to human-like shades. Internally, Space Australians have purple blood, revealed when Jeice forgot what dodging was when Goku repeatedly punched him in the face, and have Australian accents.

Space Frenchmen[]

For an unknown reason, Space Frenchmen are directly related to Space Australians, with Sauza, a Space Frenchman, being Jeice's cousin. It is possible that they are either a distinct culture of Space Australians that inhabited Space France, or that they are a subspecies of Space Australians (or the other way around).


At some point in time, Space Australians were incorporated into the Galactic Freeza Army. They had also developed a society just like Earth's Australia, with the Space Australian city of Space Brisbane being home to the Space Broncos, although they were threatened by Space Dingos. In addition, Space Australians created Space XXXX, a brand of liquor, which sponsored Recoome's wrestling match with Vegeta on Namek that aired on GalacTV (it is unknown if GalacTV is a product of Space Australia).