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"TheCrimsonFuckr" is the third episode of Team Four Star's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. It was first uploaded on Takahata101's Youtube channel on November 5, 2012.


  • DJSexidillionaire as Van Helsing
  • Takahata101 as Alucard
  • Megami33 as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
  • jragoswin as Pip
  • Remix (WeeklyTubeShow) as Walter and Corrupt Politician 1
  • GeneralIvan as Enrico Maxwell
  • Hbi2k as Alexander Anderson
  • Nowacking as Police Girl
  • TehExorcist as Bishounen O'Brian
  • KaiserNeko as Sticky Sock
  • Sheldon Delano Killer as Reporter
  • Briand Danger as Suicide Officer
  • Antfish as Dandy Man
  • Shazmybot as Corrupt Politician 2
  • Lanipator as The Major
  • MasakoX as Herr Doctor
  • Ganxingba as Jan Valentine