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The Major is a character in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. A Nazi from World War II who looks the same as he did 60+ years prior (later revealed to be due to his cyborg body made from technology supplied by the Catholic Church). He strives to create "the war to end all wars" using an army of artificial vampires, starting with London.


Unlike the OVA this major is more comedic and vulgar with his "war speech" being more comedic than in the OVA and also having an apparent attraction to integra while talking to Zoran saying he fantasizes about her on lonely Saturday nights. Though he was also very enthusiastic and cheerful almsot never losing his smile and confidence that he would acheive his goals. Even when Alucard found out Milleniums existence due to drinking Dandy Man’s blood he kept a calm head. In fact, he would like to reveal his plans, then plan around the enemy trying to counter their plan.

Like the OVA the Major was still very much psychopathic, nihilistic, cruel and calculating, finding joy in the death and destruction war brought to London as countless inoccent lives were slaughtered. He took joy at destroying the national monuments lisitng many of them ( Big Ben ,House of Parlement London Bridge etc especially Buckingham Palace). He even asked his men to set fire to the roads.

He admitted to Integra that he was more intrested in his obsession for war than the goals of Hitler and the Nazi party, as he and his group were more terrorist than nazi focused souley on the destruction of Hellsing, Alucard and Britain.

The Major also didnt seem to care whether he or his men died or if Millenium won the battle or even survived, he was more focused on killing Alucard and dying a glorious death in battle, because to him " we were denied the one true gift that could be afforded to men like us, a true gloryful death" and that "without glory our deaths would be meaningless". So during the Final Battle of the seires he thanks Hellsing for giving them the glory they desired for so long.

He was also masochistic even when seras was about to kill him by blasting him in half he taunted her to do it. even saying " comon bitch, show me what you love" Also despite his joyous nature, he had a very cynical view on people and society in general, saying people are "slaves to there instincts, fueled by anger and hatred" And that "we are nothing but scared, spiteful children playing at adulthood; a ficiticous lie of comfort and even more repugnant complecence" and seeing no point to life than to wage endless war

He thinks Schrodinger is cute so he keeps him as the pet and mascot of the organization.

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