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The Three Lords refers to the group of three Makyans led by Garlic Jr. and only appear in the movie "Dead Zone Abridged". They are widely known to be highly incompetent as they fail to do even the most simplest tasks, such as killing Piccolo. Ironically, their incompetence benefitted Garlic Jr. considerably, since had they somehow succeeded in killing Piccolo, Kami would have also died and rendered the Dragon Balls unusable, robbing Garlic of his wish for immortality. Sadly, they also made the mistake of kidnapping Son Gohan, bringing the wrath of his father on their heads.

Like Garlic Jr, their names are based after kitchen spices.


Ginger (ジンジャー, Jinjā) is small, olive-skinned henchman of Garlic Jr. and is the leader of the trio. He gets killed by Goku by getting blasted into part of Garlic's castle by Goku's Kamehameha and is crushed beneath the rubble. He has a high-pitched voice. He was apparently a douchebag once. He's known for his high-pitched voice and fast speech rate, though its clear his mouth runs faster than his brain. When powering up, he yells out "Gingerbread!" In the original Neighborhood Clucky abridging of Dead Zone, Ginger was renamed "Douchebag" and had an obsession with the word. While Ginger here lacks that, a nod is made to the original, where Ginger's final words have him calling Goku a douchebag before expiring.


Nicky (ニッキー, Nikkī) is a skinny, blue-skinned henchman of Garlic Jr., whose voice is based after Paul Lynde. He gets killed by Goku's Kamehameha wave that also kills Ginger. Because of his Lynde-inspired voice, he sounds rather gay. Nicky appearsd to own a tree that grows narcotic apples, which he eats when he needs to "take the edge off." While being put in charge of babysitting Gohan, the young half-Saiyan sneaks an apple to eat much to Nicky's horror. Thankfully Gohan's brief bender lasts only a moment. Nicky invokes the word cinnamon when powering up, and shouts "Cinna-buns!" as an example of what food it goes on.


Sansho (サンショ, Sansho) is a large, muscular henchman of Garlic Jr. who speaks in a Urban dialect. He gets killed by Piccolo, who after a protacted beat down, tosses Sansho into a wall and finishe shim off with a ki blast. He's got some pepper for ya, you like pepper? While powering up, he is unable to think of a food that pepper is added to during cooking or cultivation, before just deciding to shout "Eggs!" instead. Ironically, peppered eggs are indeed a thing.