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Vegeta Jr. was a Saibamen grown on Earth by Nappa to fight and kill the Z-Fighters. He was named Vegeta Jr. because he thought that it would be cute. Sadly Vegeta disagreed with this opinion and killed the Saibaman out of disgust much to Nappa's shock and horror.

As revealed by Nappa in the Season 2 finale, because a wish was made that everybody killed by Freeza and his men would be brought back to life, Nappa and Vegeta Jr. were both resurrected, since Vegeta was technically working for Freeza at the time he first came to Earth.

Vegeta Jr. is currently living in the wastelands of Earth on his own.



  • One of Cell's Cell Juniors is named "Vegeta Jr . Jr.", and targets the Saiyan prince during the fight. He sounds quite like Nappa, and even imitates some of his mannerisms. Gohan later (seemingly) disposes of him.
  • He's named after Vegeta jr, Vegeta's descendant from DBGT, but since TFS hates GT they named a saibaman after him (same goes for Future Gohan being called "Goku jr" by Future Lapis)