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Vinegar (Called "Vinnie" by Gashew) is one of the Spice Boys, appearing in There's Something About Maron and Dragon Fool Z Kai. His roles vary between the two: in the first, he is little more than a henchman, but he demonstrates more personality in the second version. He is depicted as a laidback druggie, with a chill, anything-goes attitude, believing cocaine to be the "spice of life." He's only annoyed by things that might kill his high, which ultimately saves his life, as he ends up leaving the battlefield when his boss freaks out.

Later on, he writes a bestselling book entitled The Fault in Our Makyo Stars (a parody of The Fault in Our Stars), which appears to have been semi-autobiographical. In an interview with ZPR, he claims to have realized that his status as "the big tough stupid one" was imposed on him by society's preconceptions, and decided to change himself. He regrets his actions as part of the Spice Boys, and cites the poet Alexander Pope to explain his beliefs on redemption.

He is voiced by Takahata101 (not using neither his Nappa's voice nor Bardock's voice)


  • Before TFS dubbed DBZ movie 1, Nikki referred to himself as "Vinegar" in "Neighborhood Cluck productions" version.