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"Yamcha Strikes Out" is the fourth episode of Dragon ShortZ. It premiered on July 3rd, 2020.

Plot []

At a local Baseball Stadium, Yamcha is up on bat and hits his 500th homerun in a row, sending the ball all the way to Capsule Corp where it breaks a window. As a result, Baby Trunks cries, much to Vegeta’s annoyance. Yamcha is proud, however, it is revealed that only Master Roshi, Puar, Krillin, and Android 18 are in the bleachers, with only Krillin expressing any interest (and Roshi being asleep).

At the locker room, Yamcha is happy to win another championship for his team, oblivious to his teammates annoyed attitude towards him. Before Yamcha leaves, one of his teammates tells him that both the coach and the owner wants to talk to him. At first, Yamcha believes that they want him to either renegotiate his contract, or announce his induction to the Hall of Fame. However, Yamcha is floored when the owner fires him, since he is too good of a player and it is ruining the fun for everybody. Yamcha begs them not to fire him as baseball is the only thing he has left in his life, but the coach and owner stand by their word. They offer Yamcha a 20 billion zeni settlement because they cannot legally fire him without any sort of payment, along with them being unable to ban him from taking any sponsorship opportunities, and the owner gives Yamcha a contract to sign. Realizing that this is the first true win of his life, Yamcha signs away.

A narrator reveals that Yamcha invested and eventually bought out HeTap, doubling his net worth, and became the franchise owner of Wolf Fang Grill. Meanwhile, Master Roshi, who had been sleeping through the baseball game, wakes up to find everybody gone. Roshi summons Baby Gamera, and goes to a titty bar.

Running Gags/Callbacks[]

  • Cat Loves Food, the song Yamcha sang, briefly plays during the meeting.
  • At one point, Yamcha refers to one of his friends as a three eyed asshole. He's clearly talking about Tenshinan as he called him an asshole in Cell-Out.

Cultural References[]


  • Faulerro as Yamcha
  • Anthony Sardinha as Announcer, Teammate #3
  • Brian Olvera as Teammate #1, Team Captain
  • Connor McKinley as Team Owner
  • Scott Frerichs as Teammate #2
  • Elsie Lovelock as Narrator
  • Nick Landis as Kuririn, Vegeta, and Roshi


  • This shorts was sponsored by One Punch Man: Road to Hero
  • This episode marks the first legitimate "win" for Yamcha's character in the whole series.
  • Baby Gamera was first used in the original DragonBall series.