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"Aww, the poor little police girl has such a BURDEN on her shoulder! Let me help you take some of the weight off! You're not even a decent guard dog! You're just the pet of a pet! A stupid, big-tittied POLICE GIRL! Then again... it's a matter of perspective, really!"
— Zorin Blitz Quote

Zorin Blitz is a tall, massively-muscled female vampire, who is part of Millennium's elite Werewolf force and the most powerful vampire in Letze Battalion. She is the commander of one of Millennium's Zeppelin forces, and a formidable fighter, wielding a giant scythe with enough force to cut a man in half. One side of her body is covered with tattoos, which include some designs but are mostly letters; when exercising her power of illusion, they flow from her body onto the walls and ground around her, extending her influence over the area. She can also see into the soul, allowing her to determine what illusions work best on her victims.

The Major's First Lieutenant (and former Olympic bodybuilder), who gets stuck with performing reconnaissance for the Hellsing manor. Underestimating Seras and the Wild Geese, she decides to instead defy orders and storm the compound to prove her superiority.



Zorin Blitz wasn't always such a vicious figure, nor did she always have said name. Once, she was even an innocent young girl. She lived a happy carefree life, but at the age of six, that all changed. Her home was burned away to the ground one day by remnants of the Nazi Party as she could only watch in horror. But that horror soon changed to a twisted enjoyment within the flames. And those flames burned a message in the girl's psyche, there exist predators and prey. Eventually after this, She began to spend her life fighting in the slums. Becoming more and more vicious. She was eventually though adopted by the Winkle family. Now in this place of wealth, she began to use said family to her advantage. Working out and training to fight and do various other sports. Even to a point of managing to act within the Olympics and becoming a prize fighter at the age of 20. But it wasn't enough to satisfy her lust for power. In this new brutelike state, she made up a name for herself. The "Zorin Blitz". Soon, she and her younger sister would undergo vampiric transfiguration when Milennium formed when she was 28. Her transformation marking her peak of power. She would ensure that everyone would obey her, or die screaming.

Hellsing Abridged[]

Zorin was dispatched by the Major to survey the Hellsing manor. Commanding roughly 1/3 of the Letztes Batallion, Zorin led an attack on Hellsing manor though it was initially a disaster, with Seras Victoria easily shooting down Zorin's zeppelin with the Harkonnen II's AA cannons. The survivors then charged at the manor on foot, but were caught in a minefield set up by Captain Pip Bernadotte's Wild Geese troops. Eventually though, thanks to Zorin's illusions, the Millennium forces manage to get through the mine field and breach Hellsing Manor. Zorin led her battalion of troops against the Wild Geese, slaughtering most of the mercenaries.

Zorin eventually came across Seras and crippled her after gouging her eyes with her scythe, slicing left arm off her and leaving her paralyzed with a strike to her spine. Pip tries to save Seras, but Zorin mortally wounds him. However, as he is dying, Pip allows Seras to drink his blood and awaken her full powers as a vampire. Seras then healed herself, with a shadowy mass replacing the arm Zorin had cut off, and plows her way through Zorin's remaining forces.

Now alone against Seras, Zorin attempts to use her illusions against Seras again, but finds that Pip's soul is inside Seras' own and is protecting her from Zorin's powers. Schrödinger then appeared and delivers a message to Zorin from the Major, commenting that her eagerness to lead a spectacular charge is what led to her downfall as she never considered what would happen if she was defeated, as well as informing her that The Major and Doc are too busy working on converting Walter into a vampire to activate her the microchip, leaving Zorin to her fate at Seras' hands. Seras then overpowers Zorin and kills her by slamming her head onto a wall and dragging it across it until it's nothing but a splatter of blood.

At the end of Volume 10, Zorin's scythe is seen at a shrine alongside items from other characters killed in the series.


Sometime after her death, Universe 7's God of Destruction, Beerus would grow lonely. Seeking a mate, Beerus would use the Namekian Dragon Balls to find the one woman in the universe who could love him. Porunga would scour the universe in search of the right woman before finally finding her in Hell and bringing her back to life.

Though initially weirded out that a talking purple cat wanted to fuck her, Zorin grew touched when Beerus blew up several planets as a declaration of his love and the two quickly began a relationship in which the two would consummate their love by travelling to various different worlds and destroying them before leaving for the next. Eventually, Beerus would ask Zorin to move into his Temple with him to which she accepted. Despite being a couple, if it ever came down to it, Zorin is more than willing to kill Beerus if he is to turn on her or have a change of heart, for her power is far beyond a simple vampire now, reaching godlike levels.


Zorin is extremely sadistic and bloodthirsty, often enjoying using her illusion magic to mess with her victim's minds before she finishes them off. She is shown to be quite cruel, as she gleefully shows her enemies illusions of painful past events, such as showing one of the Wild Geese mercenaries an illusion of his dead daughter, and Seras flashbacks of the day her parents were murdered. Like many of the other monsters in Hellsing, she shows little to no respect towards her opponents, calling the Wild Geese mercenaries "sad meat sacks" and Seras a weakling. She is also quick to anger and impulsive, which led to her going against orders and attacking Hellsing manor, resulting in her demise.

Sexuality, Perversion, and Cruelty[]

Zorin enjoys extreme BDSM sexual fetishes, being surprisingly on the submissive end of the spectrum. She is a full spectrum sadomasochist and gets aroused by simple slaps, and, at her extremes, demands to be choked during sex (erotic asphyxiation) and becomes "wet just thinking about it." Usually using said perverse sadomasochism to further her bloodlust in battle. Shearing through prey like butter, with ones she particularly likes usually being subjected to illusions or tortured to death. She is also a sadist to the extent that she is turned on by physical and emotional violence, directed towards herself and others, but it is clear that she also likes to inflict pain on others herself. A good example of this would be is when she cruelly laughs at the gruesome scene of Seras being forced to watch as her mother's corpse is sexually violated as well as taunting her about how worthless she is while brutally maiming her for life. Alongside that, she enjoys the pain of her victims more than their deaths. And intends to cause as much pain as possible to said victims if she has the time to do so.

Physical description[]

Zorin is a female vampire with dark brown skin and short, spiky orange hair. She is very tall and muscular, giving her an imposing presence. She has narrow green eyes, with the right eye being much darker in color. She has a third eye in the palm of her right hand, which only opens when she is using her illusion powers. In addition to having a muscular body and androgynous appearance, her breasts are more conical like and bulky.

Zorin's most notable features, however, are her tattoos. They consist of a large pentagram on her forehead, a purple spiral on her right shoulder, and innumerable letters covering the entire right side of her body (or at least her face, neck, and arm). When she uses her illusion powers, the tattoos on her arm appear to slide off and spread out from her hand, being quickly replaced by more tattoos on her skin.

Zorin wears a dark green halter top and the bottom half of a standard Letzte Batallion combat uniform (pants and boots). She also wears black gloves on both hands and is rarely seen without her silver and dark grey scythe.


As one of the top members of Millennium Organization and a member of The Werewolves, she is a very powerful vampire with very unique vampiric abilities and weapons. She was able to effortlessly toy with Seras in her pre-blood infused state, but she was eventually outmatched once Seras drank Pip's blood.

  • Biological Immortality: Being a vampire, Zorin remains at her physical prime forever. While she is ageless, she is not immortal, and was killed by Seras.
  • Superhuman Strength: Zorin had a degree of superhuman strength, as she was able to lift her massive scythe with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed: Zorin's speed was enhanced to the point where she could run across a field to the Hellsing Manor in mere seconds along with her battalion.
  • Regeneration: Zorin was able to heal wounds such as getting her cheek scraped by the Harkonnen and being shot five times in the chest by Pip.
  • Illusion-Casting: Zorin's power was her ability to create illusions, seemingly facilitated by the third eye of her right palm. These illusions include creating an enormous copy of herself (taller than the Hellsing Manor) and showing her victim illusions of painful past events. They are extremely realistic to the point of physically tangible to her victims. However, sufficiently trained vampires can resist or outright negate the effects. They can also be broken if Zorin is distracted or injured while casting them.
  • Mind Reading: While a victim is trapped in an illusion, Zorin is capable of reading their mind/soul, seeing which illusions would work better.
  • Scythe Proficiency: Zorin's weapon of choice is a massive scythe with enough power to slice a man in half. She is equally dangerous at range, being able to throw it great distances with impressive accuracy.
  • Self-Disintegration: As seen among the most powerful members of Millennium, her body was capable of being remotely cremated via her implanted chip.
  • God Ki: After becoming Beerus's girlfriend, Zorin's full potential was unlocked and she vastly surpasses most if not all of the other warriors in Universe 7 with only Beerus and Whis being above her.



  • The fan backstory given to Zorin makes her like a dark reflection of Seras.
  • Zorin is one of the most transfigured vampires in Milennium's ranks, if not the most transfigured. Gaining green skin, a deformed eye, and an eye in her hand.
  • Zorin is likely the most evil character in all of Hellsing. In both normal and abridged. Being a sadistic tyrant who revels in the torment of others.